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Landscape Planning Consultant Services

Development Proposals must demonstrate that they will contribute to the sustainable enhancement of the natural and local environment.

Therefore, at the early stages of the planning process we can engage with clients to undertake landscape and visual assessments and appraisals for a wide range of development types including residential, mixed use and regeneration in urban and rural areas.

We can provide full Landscape Planning packages which can include the following:

Working with multi-disciplinary teams we can input at the earliest stage in the process with the layout, form and style of proposals in order to produce distinctive developments with minimum visual impacts on surrounding, sometimes designated, landscapes and visual receptors.

Equally advising clients on which assessments might be required for a site, will ensure that all necessary information is available to inform proposals from the outset, such as important habitat and ecology considerations which are of increasing importance under current planning legislation.

When providing a combination of these services this puts us in a very good position for having a deeper understanding and therefore response to a site. Arboricultural Impact Assessments put our focus within a site, then for Visual Impact Assessments analysis moves to the exterior and looking from the outside in.

We provide mapping, photography and visualisations as part of our work, which is mainly connected to planning applications.

If you have a project that you think we would be a good fit for then please contact us to start the conversation.