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Green Infrastructure Planning & Consultancy Services

Green Infrastructure (GI) is a network of multi-functional green space and other green features, which can deliver quality of life and environmental benefits for communities.

In today’s rapidly urbanising world, the importance of integrating both green and blue infrastructure into the planning process is becoming increasingly important due to climate change, flooding concerns, the importance of increasing biodiversity and ecology. When appropriately designed, planned, and managed these green assets have the potential to deliver many benefits from providing sustainable transport links, to mitigating the effects of climate change and help to not only protect important open spaces from development but to link existing and proposed GI. Incorporating elements such as vegetation, permeable surfaces, natural drainage systems, and renewable energy technologies to create multifunctional landscapes that benefit both people and the environment can help to alleviate the pressure on drainage systems and improve water quality in nearby water bodies and rivers.

Beyond their environmental benefits, green infrastructure projects also contribute to social and economic resilience. By enhancing the aesthetic appeal of urban environments, providing recreational opportunities, and fostering community engagement, these projects contribute to the overall well-being of residents and can increase property values in surrounding areas. Additionally, green infrastructure can provide economic opportunities through job creation in sectors such as landscaping, maintenance, and eco-tourism, further supporting local economies.

We offer comprehensive green infrastructure planning that prioritises sustainability, resilience, and liveability by providing a broad range of strategies aimed at enhancing the ecological performance of urban areas while simultaneously improving the quality of life for local communities. We can provide Green Infrastructure consultancy packages which can include the following:

  • Taking a collaborative approach, we can work with communities and local stakeholders to build on their knowledge, experiences, and aspirations.
  • Carry out desktop searches and area visits to identify existing GI spaces.
  • Create new open space proposals to produce landscape and GI studies that are relevant and responsive to local contexts.

If you have a project that you think we would be a good fit for then please contact us to start the conversation.