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An application for the construction of an extension to the existing service station along the Great North Road. The proposal was for the extension of the existing shop and the erection of a new coffee drive-through outlet, as well as an extension and modernisation of the filling area with a new canopy to the west to accommodate HGV pumps, and a southerly extension to accommodate coach, caravan and HGV parking bays.

Our LVIA Report concluded that the landscape, character and visual impacts due to the redevelopment were ‘moderate to low’ and would be lessened through the preservation of existing vegetation and the provision of new mitigation and enhancement. Careful detailed design of the development and its associated green infrastructure, as well as strict control of the construction during its progress and management of the landscape , with additional extensive enhancement planting will help to absorb the built forms would help mitigate any adverse effects.
The development has been granted planning permission.

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