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Artemis are cutting down on mowing our lawns during lockdown in support of Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ (or bunny ‘mowers’ will be confined to a smaller space!).

Then in the last week of May we will be counting how many wildflowers have grown.

According to a report in the journal ‘Biological Conservation’, 97 per cent of British wildflower meadows have disappeared since the 1930s, and many studies report the decline of British pollinators. The reasons behind this are predominantly the use of insecticides, habitat loss and an overall reduction in biodiversity. Plantlife believe that people’s gardens can play a vital role in the reversal of this trend.

Results from the launch of No Mow May in 2019 testify this to be true; the new mowing regime saw an increase in the growth of daisies, germander, speedwell and creeping buttercup whilst a further lapse in mowing in July saw a resurgence of white clover, selfheal and bird’s foot trefoil.

This seductive catchphrase really signifies a need to relax how often we mow – ideally once a month, and if possible leaving swathes unmown. Whilst this might be mildly annoying to hungry pet bunnies we are in love the results and the benefits of establishing similar regimes and such wildflower areas in landscape projects are undeniable.

More information and details on how to take part in the survey are available here on Plantlife’s website

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