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Having taken time to look back and reflect on the past 20 years of projects whilst compiling our new, up to date website in early 2020, Artemis have since been expanding our knowledge and skills whilst working on some exciting new projects and have formed as a Limited Company. 
A number of these projects have been submitted for Planning and are currently awaiting Approval. We hope to have some of these on our website soon.

Some of these projects have seen us commissioned to carry out a wide landscape package taking the Planning process from the early surveying stages with the Arboricultural and Landscape Visual Impact Assessment works through to the Detailed design stage.
This has really highlighted for us the benefits of being involved with the Design Team from the early stages. Whilst we get a real understanding of the site from the inside-out when assessing the trees, we also get to know it from the outside-in through the Visual Impact Assessment. We also then have constant dialogue with the rest of the Team / other disciplines and can highlight issues and opportunities along the way.

We have further enjoyed how this approach can bring together the various strategies being employed within the design – such as ecology, drainage, hard and soft landscape so that they all benefit each other. For example taking the constraints highlighted by a drainage strategy, working it into the landscape scheme so that they actually exploit and enhance each other and are also positive for ecology.

BS5837 Tree surveying
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