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As we enter another lockdown and continue with zoom calls, team meetings and no doubt a host of webinars, I wanted to share a recent podcast featuring an interview with a man Sally and I have been very fortunate to work with / be mentored by and generally soak up his infinite knowledge.

I call him The Oracle but Steve Jowers CMLI is a dedicated Landscape Architect with such a passion for his field and wealth of experience under his beige linen blazer that we can only hope to aspire to.

Our chosen career is of such a multi dimensional nature that I am sure we have all come into it along a huge variety of different paths with a multitude of stories along the way. 

So it is fascinating to hear Steve’s story – when Landscape Architecture was a young profession and how his career progressed – from Philosophy in Sussex, Geography in Berkeley, Landscape Architecture in Manchester to playing an important role in the landscaping of new city Milton Keynes.

Full of course of interesting facts and an insight into the birthing process of Milton Keynes have a listen and take a moment to reflect and appreciate your own journey into this career that we have been blessed to find.

Steve’s interview starts at 30:30
Incredible footage of the Milton Keynes Tree Cathedral mentioned in the interview
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